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Revving Up Repairs: The HTC Automotive Commitment to Excellence

Greetings, Boulder car enthusiasts and loyal customers! We’re kicking things into high gear at HTC Automotive, your go-to destination for meticulous automotive care where the legacy of HonToy Care Automotive is fueled by innovation and a drive for excellence.

Our Journey of Transformation

With over two decades of local presence, our facility at 4747 Pearl St. Suite V-4 has been the pit stop for quality auto repairs. As we cruise under the new stewardship of Jake Mc Nicol, HTC Automotive is shifting the automotive service experience into the fast lane. Here's what you can expect from our reinvigorated brand:

A Trio of Core Values:

At HTC Automotive, we run on the principles of Hospitality, Trustworthiness, and Competency. This means every service is performed with the utmost integrity, ensuring your ride is in the best hands.

Advanced Technology & Training:

We’re turbocharging our services with the latest in ADAS machinery and diagnostic tools, paving the road for state-of-the-art repairs and maintenance.

Expert Team:

Led by Jake M., a master of the automotive craft with 14 years under his belt, our crew is the dream team your vehicle needs. Backed by A.S.E. certifications and manufacturer-specific training, they diagnose without guesswork, ensuring precision and reliability.

Meet the Crew

Every car has its unique story, and so does our team. Get to know the folks who make HTC Automotive the trusted garage of Boulder:

Jake M.: Master Technician and visionary owner. His family values translate into the care he extends to every vehicle and customer.

Dwight C.: Our Service Advisor with a 22-year tenure in diesel repair, he's the epitome of patient and customer-focused service.

Strange V.: At the helm of our online presence, Strange is our marketing maestro, continuously seeking ways to enhance your digital experience with HTC.

Lucien P. & Drew B.: The heart and soul of our technical team. Whether they're scaling rock walls or tackling complex electrical systems, their dedication to excellence is unwavering.

Our Specialty Services

While we offer a full range of automotive services, our superpower lies in diagnostics and tackling tough repairs. We believe in repair work that stands the test of time and mileage, emphasizing long-term care for your trusted steed.

Special Offers for Our Heroes

In honor of those who serve, HTC Automotive proudly offers:

15% off for Veterans

$15 off for Students (with a current ID)

15% off for Emergency Services Members

And stay tuned, our appreciation programs are only set to grow!

Unique Amenities for a Unique Community

Waiting for your car doesn’t have to be a drag. Enjoy our hot coffee, indulge in some ice cream, or catch up on your favorite shows in our comfy lounge. We promise great conversation and an inviting atmosphere every time you visit.

Get In Touch

Whether you're ready to book a service or just want to chat about your car's needs, give us a call at (303) 443-0145, or visit us online at Our doors and our digital channels are always open for you.

Join Our Conversation

Your feedback fuels our growth. Leave us a review on Google or Yelp, or just tell us your thoughts directly. We’re all ears and always looking for ways to gear up our service to you.

At HTC Automotive, we’re more than just mechanics. We’re the guardians of your journey, dedicated to ensuring every turn you take is smooth and safe. Drive in and discover the difference dedication and expertise make.

Visit Us: If you’re experiencing any car problems, don’t hesitate to reach out. Call us at (303) 443-0145, schedule an appointment online, or drop by our shop at 4747 Pearl St. Suite V-4, Boulder, CO 80301.

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