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Same Day Appointments Available for Oil Changes

We offer full synthetic & blended oil change services for all makes & models both foreign & domestic. Get service with integrity at HonToy Care Auto Repair.

Limited Same-Day Appointments Available.

(303) 443-0145


Limited availability per day of the Ideal Package - Please schedule ahead

Save $$$ At the Pump! Proven to Improve Fuel Economy by as much as 5% - 8%

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Oil Change Packages
A la carte Oil change and Preventative maintenance services available.


Starting Maintenance Service Package

Save $30+

  • Lube, Oil, and Filter Change - Go 3k miles or 3 months between oil changes!

  • BG Fuel System Cleaner Supplement

  • Comprehensive 84+ Pt. Inspection

  • Tire Rotation w/ Pressure Adjustment



  • Up to 5 Qts. Engine Oil - Standard 3k Rated Oil Filter

  • BG Fuel Supplement

Synthetic Blend

5w-30 Oil


Full Synthetic

0w-20 Oil


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Great Care
Service Package

Save $75+

  • Great Care - Go 5k miles or 3 months between oil changes!

  • Lube, Oil, and Filter Change

  • BG Performance Supplements

  • Comprehensive 84+ Pt. Inspection

  • Tire Rotation w/ Pressure Adjustment

  • Window Wiper Installation


  • Up to 5 Qts. Engine Oil - Premium 5k Rated Oil Filter

  • BG Engine Cleaner + Oil & Fuel Supplements

  • All season Front Wiper Set

Full Synthetic
5w-30 Oil

0w-20 Oil


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Ideal Preventative Service Package

Save $180+!!

  • Total Care - Go 10k Miles or 6 Months between oil changes!

  • Lube, Oil, & Filter Change

  • Advanced Engine Oil Protectant

  • Engine Performance Restoration

  • Fuel & Air Induction System Service

  • Battery Clean and Protection Service

  • Comprehensive 84+ Pt. Inspection

  • Tire Rotation w/ Pressure Adjustment

  • Window Wiper Installation



  • Schaeffer's Superior Oil (up to 5 Qts included)

  • Superior 10k mile rated Oil Filter

  • Summer/Winter Rated Front Wiper Set

  • BG Advanced Sys. Cleaners & Protectants

Save $$$ At the Pump! Proven to Improve Fuel Economy by as much as 5%-8%

Full Synthetic
5W-30 Oil or 0W-20 Oil


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Get an Oil Change Today!

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If you need immediate assistance, give us a call now!


The Benefits of Regular Oil Changes

Engine Efficiency

Getting your oil changed regularly not only keeps your engine clean, but it additionally boosts its performance. Oil naturally carries dirt, particles, and other particles as it moves into the engine. As a result, sludge begins to develop inside the device over a course of time. Those who are not having the oil changed in appropriate time periods might observe a substantial adjustment in their engine efficiency and output as a result of the collected bits inside. Getting your engine oil changed and replacing your oil filters in a timely fashion will certainly help you stay clear of a slow-working, ineffective engine.

Better Mileage

A reliable engine provides the best gas mileage on the road. To do that, it is necessary to keep your engine clean and devoid of debris. As engines run smoothly with fresh oil, their performance changes and so does the ability to use gas a lot more efficiently. This implies, expectedly, much better gas mileage and major cost-savings.

Longer Engine Life

Filthy oil frequently has grime that causes boosted friction and quicker wear-and-tear. A cleaner engine runs smoother, works efficiently and typically has a much longer life also.

Why Do I Need an Oil Change?

By bringing your car into HonToy Care Automotive Repair for a regular tune-up and oil change, our technicians will be able to determine the best oil for your car and let you know when it is recommended to have the oil changed again. It is no secret that performing your own oil change is a messy process and a hassle, which is why you should let our technicians do the dirty work. Having your oil changed by a professional mechanic will give your car a better chance of lasting for many years to come, and you will be able to rest assured that your engine is working properly and is at no risk of seizing or having any other problems. To find out more about our services or to schedule an oil change at our Boulder shop, give us a call today.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

This is possibly the best shop I've ever taken a car to! Amazing service in the office, and the mechanics did great, quick work on my car. I explained that I prefer to do most of the work on my car myself, and they were very respectful of that and didn't push any service on me. They just told me what I need to do and did what I couldn't. Fast and affordable. I highly recommend this shop!

-David R.

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Boulder, Colorado. The Go-to shop for Automotive maintenance and repair. Service with Integrity you can trust.


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